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Monday, 20 August 2012

On a positive note

Just a quick one.
Once again I've been reading a post on facebook about how musicians are being ripped off by dodgy promoters and rarely financially benefit from providing entertainment to others.
It often seems that everyone profits but them.
I broadly agree with the sentiments and support the efforts of those who wish to highlight anything that will improve the situation.
Yet I often feel that there are many ethical promoters out there who are being tarred with the same brush when it comes to this argument.
So instead of dwelling on the negative how about we offer a solution.
In the comments section please feel free to post the city/area where you are from, and then the promoters and venues who you would recommend.
Lets make a word of mouth recommendation list that can be spread about to help bands, solo artists, the good promoters and excellent venues alike.
Also there is no need to have a dig at the crap promoters and venues as by not mentioning them they are starved of publicity and with every act that is steered towards more ethical promoters and venues we will strengthen their foothold in the music business and belittle the chances of the less than ethical to prosper.
Remember though. Yhis isn't for promoters or venues to promote themselves.
Please keep it to bands.
Mention your bands name to and even contacts if you wish.

I'll refrain from saying who I like and leave it up to the artists to provide a solid list of those who offer a good service.


1 comment:

  1. The Parlour Bar in Edinburgh I can't say enough good things about. They know how to look after bands there, are really friendly and will usually give you a cut of the bar takings since it's always free entry. That'd need to be discussed with management when booking though.

    The 13th Note are also very fair to bands. Weekends it's a flat £50 hire fee and you get bar staff and a sound guy included with that. Monday to Thursday it's free if the bar makes over £160, if not then it's £50 to hire. again bar staff and sound guy are included. If you're a band who want to put on your own shows, you won't find fairer than that.

    Also, The Market Bar in Inverness is a tiny little pub but amazing for gigs. Fromwhat I understand they pay bands £150 for the night to be slit between you. It's one of the only venues in Inverness where people actively go out to see what might be on. Also, where the band set up is almost right in the crowd. It makes for an awesome gig.