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Thursday, 23 August 2012

An open letter to DF

Hi, How you doin',
Let me introduce myself. I'm Mainy and I do a blog.
It's the usual mish mash of poor writing, in jokes and rubbish that mainstream magazines wouldn't touch with a barge pole, but it does pretty well.
Quite a few people all over the world seem to like it.
Anyway. I was at your Social Distortion gig in the Garage last night.
An excellent show.
Both supports (Chris Devotion and the Expectations/Dave Hause) were as good as any headlining act that has graced that stage in my opinion.
The sound and lighting were spot on in my humble opinion to, the bar staff of the venue were very friendly and all things considered you could argue that this was the sort of gig that could be highlighted to other promoters as how a show should be put on.
So well deserved pats on the back all round.

However there was one very little thing that poured a bit of rain on what was in the main an enjoyable night.
It might be something that you are unaware of.

The problem was that on arriving the security took some flyers off me that I was going to distribute outside after the show.
I was told by the security that I couldn't advertise gigs that weren't DF concert ones.
Now this is where it gets into the realms of the Little Britain sketch where David Walliams utters the line 'computer says no'.
I was initially told that I couldn't flyer for a gig that wasn't run by DF Concerts.
I explained that the flyers were for a blog and not another gig, but that seemed to confuse the guy so he passed the buck to uber-security man who parroted the same line about not promoting other gigs.
I explained again that it wasn't for a gig and he had a look at the actual flyer.
You know the sort.
The kind that don't mention a venue, a band, a date or anything at all about another event.
Just the sort that mention a blog and provide a link for people to find it.
I also mentioned that I was here to see the bands and I would be handing the flyers out after the gig. All 21 of them.
Once again he said 'computer says no'.
Well he didn't.
It was really 'you can't advertise gigs that aren't run by DF'.
So I sort of walked him through what a blog was and he screwed his eyes up and it sounded like some gears were about to go into motion, but sadly they didn't and he firmly mentioned that line again.
Although this time he did say that they could keep them for me and I would get them back on leaving.
I said that was fine, but to clarify the situation asked if what he was meaning was that I wasn't going to be allowed to promote a blog that would feature a review of a DF concert and therefore promote a DF Concerts event.
Do you want to guess what he said in reply?
You know.
I don't really have to tell you do I?

Now don't get me wrong. I don't think for one second that such stringent instructions have come directly from on high to the lowly door man.
What I think is that this was an individual who couldn't make a judgement call on the situation. Someone who likes to know what the rules are and stick to them regardless.
If a fire broke out in the Garage at 9pm and he had been instructed not to leave his post until midnight then I suspect someone would be sifting through his charred remains this morning.
Rules are rules.

So is there any chance you could maybe make that judgement call on behalf of those who find it difficult and possibly pass on that flyers for blogs and such can slip through the net?
It wont have a negative impact on your business.
In fact anyone reviewing music is oiling the wheels of the machine.

I look forward to your response.


PS. As mentioned I loved the actual gig and a flowery praise laden review of the show will be up soon.


  1. Utterly ridiculous!!!!!! Mind ya ............... DF prob are trying to be VERY CAREFUL!!!!!!! They don`t want anyone elses gig/blogs etc advertised at their gigs!!!!

    I should take the same stance (almost) ........... and shoot any fucker who appears at my gig with flyers (for anything at all) ............. then burn their flyers!!!!!!

    After my next gig I`m gonna superglue gaffa tape across the mouths of everyone who has attended ....................... in the off chance that someone may say something bad about it!!!!!!

    Personally .... I`ll be steering clear of gigs that DF put on in future!!!!!! I`m sure I won`t be alone here!!!!

  2. I can understand that they don't want to help their competition out by promoting other peoples gigs, but I think it's a bit misguided.
    It's hard enough getting people out to live shows as it is so any sort of effort to promote live music in its totality surely helps everyone in the long run.
    End of the day people will go to what they want.
    Provide them with all the information and let them make an informed choice.
    I wouldn't have a problem with anyone flyering a gig at anything I put on.

  3. I've always found the bouncers at The Garage to be total dicks regardless of anything, so might not quite be all DF's fault.

  4. Aye. Maybe not so much the security working the stage, but the door staff are throwbacks to the seventies.
    No idea about customer relationships. Unsmiling, full of attitude and sweating a 'you want to fuck with me attitude'.
    Ugly attitudes like theirs don't impress punters anymore.
    In other venues it's all a friendly how you doing deal going on. No real hassle and I bet they have an easier night on the door because of it.

  5. no venue wants anything promoted thats not to do with their place ...another case of why live musics in the state it's in cant advertise shit anywhere anymore.

  6. HMV wouldn't let me put a poster up for the Riff Raff gig as their ticket outlets aren't selling the tickets.
    Yet they are pushing to claim they support local music by showcasing bands in their stores and dedicating whole walls to posters of gigs taking place in Glasgow, but only the gigs they are making a buck from a booking fee on.

  7. There's nothing like co-operation, and that's why the world's fucked....there's no co-operation, only competetion!

  8. Sad isn't it Nuzz.
    Another thing is the conditioning angle.
    Do as you are told.
    Don't question it.
    No flyers means no flyers and don't you dare apply question our reasoning.

  9. Here's something a bit more heartwarming about how people putting on gigs don't need to feel they are in competition.

  10. Probably nothing to do with DF at all. Badly trained staff will be at the root here.

  11. I've had a reply from DF and responded.
    I pointed out that issues like this don't really happen in other venues that they use.
    No point blaming all the door/security staff across the whole of Glasgow when as you have pointed out it just a minority of poorly trained ones.
    The reason I contacted DF is because the guy on the door was very sure that he was following their instructions.

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