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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Do you feel lucky punk?

Well Rebellion, the much loved and equally loathed punk festival is over, and while the blood is still running hot I would think some of my Scottish brethren who were at it will be looking for something to keep the party going.
Meanwhile others who missed it will be wanting to start their own punk party, and there's a couple of good options coming up this week that they should be aware of.
First is Social Distortion supported by Chris Devotion and the Expectations playing in the ABC on Wednesday night.(22nd)
The only chance of a ticket for this is from the touts on the night or a private sale as it's been sold out for a while now.
It's a gig that I'll definitely be trying to be front and centre for.
However if anyone seen them at Rebellion and can't justify splashing the cash to see them again so soon, or if SD aint your thing then this Friday (24th) Phoenix Promotions are at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow with the crackin' line up of Distorted Truth, Splinter, Buzzbomb and Alkotron & Haggis.
It's a mere fiver on the door and starts at 7pm.
Last time Distorted Truth were in town a mates band was having their album launch and I tossed a coin to decide where I would go and they lost lost out on the pleasure of my company.
So I'm looking forward to this chance to take a second bite at them.
Another mate has fried my brain by repeatedly telling me how good Alkotron are so this is going to be my opportunity to either agree or disagree with him instead of just telling him he talks shit without having any real evidence to back that up.
It's also going to be my first chance to see Buzzbomb since they released their latest album.
So bring on Wednesday and Friday as I'm ready.


  1. Dunno Mainy, I have been a huge Social Distortion fan since the early 80's. Over the last 10 years or so I have seen them and purchased their newest diminishing returns. I know that you need to move on musically but man, they just don't do it for me anymore. Hope you enjoy them though!

  2. A lot of people would echo that Kenny.
    Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
    They have virtually been universally slagged for their performance at the Rebellion festival.
    A short set, poor sound, an unsatisfying set list and some consider Mike Ness was like a fish out of a water at what is a punk fest.
    That it just wasn't something that he had a handle on.
    Regardless of all that I have waited a long time to see them and I do have high hopes.
    I'll be honest though. Come the cold light of day of the day after the night before I'll fill you in on how it was.
    On the plus side a friends band are supporting. It's Chris Devotion and the Expectations. So even if SD bomb I'm assured of one good band on the night.

  3. Hope you enjoy it...Gotta say, their first few singles and first album are bonafide classics. Even their S/T one when they debuted for Epic was absolutely fantastic. Live wise, they really have never been that good. Just my opinion. Saw them in '83 and a huge theater with seats etc. One of my friends was passed out during the set...I thought it was because SD bored him to sleep. Later I found it was the drugs....Is this your first time seeing them??? Just curious

  4. Yep. First time mate.
    Prior to this they have never played Scotland as far as I'm aware.
    UK dates have alsways been just London, and then this yar the Rebellion festival.
    Twice I've been going to go to London to see them, but finances have been the issue.
    So this is my SD cherry being broken. Sold out show. People have been genuinely waiting a long time for this gig.

  5. Have fun and I hope they play a lot of their early stuff. I know all too well the waiting game as you guys get all the least I get The Rezillos in Oct.

  6. You will love Rezillos. I've never seen them do a sub standard gig.
    They are up there as one of my fave live bands.