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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jaya The Cat - The New International Sound of Hedonism

While some are getting their panties in a bit of a twist about the Tim Armstrong produced Jimmy Cliff album I hope they reserve some of their attention for Jaya the Cat and their 'The New International Sound of Hedonism' release.
While I'm aware that this may upset some, and others will scream sacrilege when I say it, but from my point of view Jaya the Cat have effortlessly pissed all over the efforts of Tim and Jimmy with this release.
Not since I was introduced to The Slackers have I been so impressed with a band who have been delving into the sounds of reggae, ska and punk.
This is a skanking masterpiece, and I don't claim that lightly.
Doctors all over the world should be prescribing it as a cure for depression.
Slip it on and feel the muscles in your cheeks get a work out as a long lost smile begins to reappear.
Hey. What's that?
Yep. It's your toe tapping to the beat.
While it only rarely pushes aggressively it's got a vibe to it that I could see Marley and Strummer kicking back and chilling to.
It's entirely possible that Joe would say to Bob. 'That's the sound of our footprints in the sand' and Bob would wisely nod in agreement as he took a deep hit.
Very often people say to me that there's no good music any more, and when they do it's the name of a band like Jaya the Cat that I throw at them as proof of how crass their statement is.
Do yourself a favour and get aboard this train. You won't regret it and that's a promise.  

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