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Friday, 17 August 2012

Something wicked this way comes.

I really should be sleeping just now.
I've got a night shift ahead of me and I'm getting past the age of staying awake pre and post working hours.
Yet here I am listening to the new Dollyrots album and jumping back and forth between internet news pages and checking on what has been happening in Russia with Pussy Riot and the UK with Assange.
Both cases have parallels.
While many with a vested interest would claim that to be rubbish, and then ask what some women protesting in a church has to do with the extradition of an alleged sex offender, the reality is that they are pushing a smoke and mirrors agenda.
What they have in common is that both Pussy Riot and Assange have, in the eyes of governments, thrown down a gauntlet in support of freedom of speech and freedom of information, and in return the governments are looking to silence them, while also making an example of these individual in an attempt to frighten us all.
Instead what I think may happen is that both Pussy Riot and Assange will be perceived as martyrs to a just cause.
Most of us can see exactly what is happening here, and we feel very uncomfortable about the move towards global totalitarianism.
What is needed is for more people to become increasingly uncomfortable and add their voices to ours in an attempt to to slow down, or derail, where we are going.

Who could really argue that both governments and business are looking to shaft us all at every turn.
In decades past they maintained an illusion that this wasn't the case by paying lip service to things like human rights and the employment laws.
Both are things that they are increasingly becoming rather open about ignoring.
Look at the evidence of their arrogance.
Michael Gove sold off school playing fields even when his advisor looked into it and said it wasn't the right move to make.
No one seems to want a privatized police force, but it looks like we are getting it even if it is delivered drip by drip.
When people advocated for NHS reforms were they asking for the nurses and doctors contracts to be ripped up and if they didn't sign the new ones then they could leave?
I very much doubt it.
Anybody want to add more?

So very much is going against the will of the people that I sometimes find it difficult to understand why there hasn't been major civil unrest yet.
The Pussy Riot and Assange cases brutally illustrate very plainly that there is a global issue in regards to those in power listening and acting on the wishes of the people.
They don't care now.
Who will put up an opposing argument?
They will wage war without public support, lie and cheat on behalf of their friends in business and more.
That is the unvarnished truth.
It's entirely possible that the faces of Pussy Riot and Assange will be on the placards and flags of the revolution.
It's just a waiting game now.
While the governments are wanting to extinguish the flames of rebellion it feels like instead they are fanning the spark that could set alight the world.

It's going to be an interesting week.

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