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Friday, 24 August 2012

Kirk Brandon Acoustic Set - Pivo Pivo Glasgow - 21/10/12

After some messages flew back and forth I am now pleased to confirm that the one and only Kirk Brandon will be doing a special little acoustic set for us all in Glasgow.

This is the second bite at the cherry for me as I had previously booked him to play in my home town of Kilmarnock, but unfortunately that was when Kirk fell unwell and the tour was cancelled.

It was a massive blow at the time as Spear of Destiny were about to go out on the road in support of their album, and his health issues, while unavoidable, served to throw a spoke into the wheels of progress for the band.

Months, if not years of hard work in writing and recording an album that was universally lauded sort of went tits up.

I sometimes think that Kirks career could be described as one step forward and two steps back, always.
Undeservedly it often seems that just as everything is about to come together Lady Luck decides to bestow a wink on the less talented and leave Kirk displaying the fighting spirit that his fans, who I count myself as one, admire.

So here he is again, and I am sure that like me, you will want to welcome him with open arms.

As an aside I am looking for a little help here.
When Kirk was booked to play in Kilmarnock a young woman bought three tickets.
I think she lived in Ayr.
She was the only one who wasn't refunded and I have never been able to track her down.
She was very excited about Kirk playing.
I'm pretty sure that she nurses the wounds of thinking she was ripped off.
It would be great if she stepped forward, or someone gave her a nudge as she, and her two friends, will be guest listed for this one in may of compensation.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this.


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