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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Americana

With an album that has split opinions of fans and critics alike Neil Young is back with Crazy Horse, and doing what he does best, and that's not giving much of a fuck about the expectations people have of him.
On this outing he's going for reinterpretations of songs by different artists, but not in the style of say Cash on the American recordings, or the slew of artists who followed on from the Man in Black down that track.
Instead Young has dismantled each song and rebuilt it with self indulgent glee.
The main question is does it work though?
Well that's where opinions differ with some claiming it is the worst album he has ever released, and other claiming it to be the best in a long time.
What that tells you is that you shouldn't listen to the opinion of anyone about it, mine included, and just go at it blind and form your own views separate from the cry of the crowd.
My own take on it, and one that is probably rooted in coming from a rock and punk background, is that it kicks arse.
At times it sounds like a boisterous jam session in a garage.
Just a bunch of old guys crackin' open some beers, plugging the amps in and on the count of three going at it with a disrespectful sneer at the neighbours who are disinclined to listen to them.
At other points, for example on Gallows Pole, it sounds like one of them has pushed for them all to get a bit more serious in how they have their fun.
I suspect that even those who are desperately clinging onto a negative view must have a hint of a wry smile on their lips when they listen to 'Get a Job'.
I mean how couldn't you?
Over all, and given some time, I doubt anyone will really be looking to tag it with a 'worst album in a long time' badge, and instead will find a place in their heart for it.
It's already occupying a little corner in mine. 


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