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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stars of the Silverscreen - S/T

There must be something in the water in Sweden, because whenever the world needs a rock and roll band to come forth and keep the flame burning you can always rely on them to throw forth one who will tick all the boxes and deliver when no one else is doing it.
So right at this moment in time step up 'Stars of the Silverscreen' with their self titled debut to show us all how down and dirty rock and roll with screaming guitars and a shit load of attitude should be played.
The album may have original surfaced in 2009, but here in the UK we better be quick and play a bit of catch up and get behind these guys.
They're not reinventing the wheel, but that argument is a moot one as the wheel doesn't need reinventing, and neither does this style of rock and roll.
There's plenty of evidence here to show that they've got the guts and passion needed to carry it of, and then some.
Given half a chance these guys will provide you with the only soundtrack you will need for a full on party.
So crack open a bottle, crank it up and get into the groove with them.
If you want thirteen rockers that will reaffirm your faith in rock music then this is the album that will do it.
Bloody fantastic.

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