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Sunday, 9 October 2011

KA Radio

Over the last two decade or so the way music has been delivered to the public through the medium of radio has changed.
Once it was a vibrant and eclectic mix that genuinely provided something for everyone.
There were shows devoted to whatever genre you could care to mention, sometimes even within the format of one station.
Now it seems that mainstream radio is only there to promote the artists who are backed by those with the deepest pockets, and sadly those major labels stopped investing in discovering new and exciting talent many years ago.
Instead they prefer to spend their money on something with a proven track record.
The music business is certainly a small m and capital B concern.
So now what we have are presenters who have no choice in what they play, and a steady diet of RnB and rap being spoon fed to us.
It's bland and repetitive.
A boring diet of empty promises that neither entertains nor nourishes us.
In response to this there are currently many internet shows that have the passion and heart of the old pirate stations blasting out everything from punk to reggae from bedrooms, huts, and garages all over the world.
They are the ideal alternative, but they have one drawback, and that drawback is that in the main they are one man shows with limited time on air, or even if they do have a schedule they are only able to spread their name about amongst a small group of loyal listeners and fall short of being able to challenge the FM stations.
So now it is time for a change, and I'm pleased to say that this change is happening in my home town with the launch of KA Radio.
As of tomorrow (10/10/11) this little internet station will be operating five days a week, twenty four hours a day, and has a full schedule of presenters from all backgrounds waiting to play their own, and your, choices.
There will be request shows, drive time shows, genre specific shows, local talent being given a platform to shine from and in general an eclectic mix of the new and the old that would put a grin on John Peels face, and maybe provide him with some respite from spinning in his grave at the thought of how one dimensional radio has become.
This is going to be community radio taken to the next level, and come 2012 an FM license will be applied for and when that time comes, then along with an internet presence, KA Radio will be offering listeners a real alternative to what currently passes as radio entertainment.
You can get it here by cutting and pasting this into your web browser.


  1. Nice one. I'll listen in, but the question on the lips of all who know you is.........are you really going to see Rhianna tonight?
    You've already seen Kylie this year and people are starting to get worried.

  2. Ha. Yes I am going to see Rhianna.
    A friend very kindly sorted out a couple of tickets for me so that I could take Alanna.
    I'm not a fan, but maybe in a similar way to the Kylie show I will enjoy the spectacle of it all.
    Anyway you know my motto try everything twice. You never know. The second time you might like it.