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Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Brains - Drunk Not Dead

On one hand the Misfits have just released an album that is overwhelmingly underwhelming, and on the other we have The Brains releasing 'Drunk Not Dead' that shows the 'Fits how it should really be done, but who wants to lay bets on what will sell more?
There's something very wrong about this because anyone who does love the Misfits must be hanging out for a real fix of that ol' graveyard rock and roll and here it is.
It's right here under their noses just waiting to be discovered.
Throughout the album it is everything that a horror punk album should be, and more.
The Brains know how to mix the perfect brew of darkness and humour.
This isn't death metal. It's Hammer horror, it's plan 9 from outer space, it's even rebel without a clue careening towards a party in hell in 3D.
So ditch the old and hitch a ride on this ghost train.
The party is in full swing and you're late already. Nuff said.

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