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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Plimptons/Filthy Little Secret/Fleeto Bandito - 13th Note - 8/10/11 (Glasgow)

Can you really have too much of a good thing?
I suppose you can because on Saturday night Glasgow had Scottish punk legends Distorted Truth headlining a Phoenix Rumpus Punkfest event in the Classic Grand, Eddy & the T-Bolts were playing in the 13th Note, Bob Dylan was at the Braehead, The Media Whores had a gig on and so did the Dub Pistols.
As it's impossible to physically be in two places at the one time I resorted to tossing a coin and ended up going to the 13th Note to see the T-Bolts along with the Plimptons, Filthy Little Secret and Bandito Fleeto.
Sadly on arrival we found out that Eddy had been playing rugby that morning and had suffered a concussion at the very least, and a fractured cheekbone and concussion at the worst.
That was the bad news, but the good news was that the gig was going ahead as planned.
First up were Bandito Fleeto who I'd never seen before.
It's was all a bit shambolic, maybe even deliberately so, but the between song banter and the rapid fire Queers/Sreeching Weasel styled pop punk easily made up for any lack of cerebral eloquence in their songs.
Their moto should be 'it's not quantum physics, it's a party' and if based on that then no one should have any complaints.
It's been a long time since I've seen Filthy Little Secret play and since then a few new songs have been completed and are currently getting road tested.
There's nothing new in the delivery, but it feels different.
Haj still yelps them out with the best of them and the rest of the band still push the pedal down hard while delivering the tunes, but the thing that seems different is that within the frantic pace of the songs there's a calm 'we know what we are doing' vibe.
Hopefully 2012 will be the year that they reap some sort of reward for the effort they are putting in.
I was under the impression that this night was a joint album launch deal, but on speaking to Cal from the Plimptons I found out that while the new album is virtually finished they are going to wait until early next year to sort out a release date proper.
No worries though as I was there to see them play a gig and not to buy a CD.
The set they did was the usual anarchic, verging on falling apart, but managing to cling to sanity by the skin of their teeth sort of show that anyone who has seen them appreciates.
No one else really sounds like The Plimptons.
They're a pop band with a punk edge, or maybe a ska band, with a touch of a folk sound. Then again they might be a sort of rock band, but not rawk and roll as such, although maybe for a couple of seconds they are. There's a liberal dosing of surrealist comedy scattered through a performance, but they're not a comedy band, or maybe they are when it suits them.
The Plimptons are actually all of the above and more.
If you haven't seen them. Then do so.
That's the short review and all you're getting as I'm knackered.

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