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Friday, 7 October 2011

Fole - Better Sights

What a strange idea Fole have had.
Usually for a début ep a band collectively consider that the best option is to start off strong and grab the listeners attention, but instead they appear to have picked the weakest song of four as an introduction.
That's not to say that 'Better Sights' is a bad song, but in comparison to the rest it doesn't really convey how good the band are.
Of course by saying this I'm leaving myself open to the criticism that music appreciation is a subjective matter, and while this one singular track hasn't bowled me over it may well be some other listeners firm favourite.
Of course that's true.
It's a fair comment, but I would wager money that once the ep is listened to in its entirety that anyone stating that as the case would be promoting a minority view.
The real treasures on this release only begin to be revealed on 'Shakespeare Says'. (The track that I would have personally opted for as the song to open proceedings.)
It's captivating in the way that it casually impresses, and as a vehicle to showcase James Foley's talents as a songwriter it easily trumps the opening track.
'Randoms' then comes along to show that it was no mere fluke.
The lyrics have a sharp and honest strength to them, and musically there's the perfect amount of instrumentation helping to push them to the fore. It's as well balanced a song as you could expect and while many acoustic solo acts and bands fall on the side of twee Fole instead refreshingly opt to have a bit more of a bite to what they do.
The closing track 'Stitches' continues in the delicate acoustic manner of its predecessors, but similarly has more of a lyrical kick than expected.
It's in this juxtaposition between the music and the lyrics that the bands strengths lie.
Unfortunately a casual listener might not pick up on these strengths, and it will only be those who are willing to give the music time to bed in that will reap the rewards, but it is most certainly worth making the effort.

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