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Friday, 14 October 2011

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure

We seem to be on the cusp of a people power generated social revolution on a global scale, and arriving right on time to provide the soundtrack to those of us who are calling for a change is The Shell Corporation.
Featuring ex members of Time Again, A Wilhelm Scream, Madcap, The Briggs and Le Mu Le Pur they have hit the ground running, and running fast.
Similar to the Occupy Wall Street Movement there will be those who will ask what the message is within what they are shouting for.
Those who like it all neat and tidy will want an issue specific agenda to mull over. Something to pick at and consider from all the angles.
Well fuck that. What we want is change in itself. We want a new global community that cares. A clear line between what is right and wrong.
Don't starve people, don't enslave them, don't profit on the misery of others....just stop fucking with us.
The Shell Corporation manage to articulate that amorphous agenda with spit, anger, and punk rock hooks a plenty.
When I slip this on I can feel the blood rushing through my veins. I get the same feeling that I did when in my youth I first heard the Dead Kennedy's, and again when I heard The Redskins, Bad Religion, The International Noise Conspiracy, Anti-Flag and the World/Inferno Friendship Society.
This is socially conscious rock and roll at its best and if one person out of every ten who get to hear this reconsiders their world due to a lyrical nudge by The Shell Corporation, then the guys should be very proud that they have changed one life and that one person could change another persons.
They say that music can't change the world.
I say that's what they want you to think.
Grab a copy of 'Force Majeure' and think about it. What do you want to be? Part of the problem or the solution?

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