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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ross Gilchrist

I know quite a few very talented people.
So many that I really should have some sort of inferiority complex through associating with them.
One of them is multi-instrumentalist Ross Gilchrist who writes, records, produces and mixes everything himself, and in doing so he puts most full bands to shame.
Apart from his own material he is also the guitarist, backing singer and one fourth of Roscoe Vacant and The Gantin' Screichs. (A band who I consider to have released one of the strongest albums that I have heard this year.)
He's a busy man, maybe some would even say driven. A full on music machine who exuberantly pushes the envelope while maintaining a great deal of pop sensibilities in the music he writes.
It's sort of mind blowing to sit down and consider how much he does and the effort it must entail.
I think it's quite possible that he can bend time to fit everything he wants to do into a day.
Either that or his days are 32 hours long and he never sleeps.
When he plays live I usually stand there in slack jawed amazement, and that's not a good look for me, but I really can't help it.
He's a genius, a very entertaining genius, and one who I'm sure he will be outrageously embarrassed at me naming him as such, but I'm not the only one who thinks so and I guess he better get used to it.
Over the last year he released a little ep of mainly self penned numbers and then followed it with an album called 'Feersum Enjiin' that will soon be getting a release proper on Newtown Products Records.
So as this album will soon be available for everyone to buy I thought I would use it as an excuse to give him a mention on the blog and up some soundcloud links so that others can understand why I unashamedly name check him at every opportunity.
Acoustic tracks.
Thae Khali Yoonie Seshuns by Ross GIlchrist
Covers by Ross GIlchrist
Feersum Injiin
Feersum Enjiin by Ross GIlchrist


  1. This is very good. Where can I purchase a CD or download?

  2. As Mainy says, it's getting a CD release from Newtown records soon, but you can purchase a download of the album from here: