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Friday, 14 October 2011

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

Sibling rivalry and the sport of one one-upmanship is alive and well in the Gallagher household.
First we had Liam upsetting the apple cart when he silenced the critics with his Beady Eye release, and everyone - including myself - grudgingly admitted that brother Noel, who is often considered the real talent of the two, may have a problem in matching 'our kids' endeavours.
The faithful rallied at that point and stated loudly and clearly that Noel was the voice and song writing talent of Oasis, and once he did manage to get his material out then young cocky Liam would have to eat crow and accept that his big bro was, and always would be, the uber talented Gallagher.
Now, with his High Flying Birds, Noel is back, and after all that time crafting his response to Beady Eye the results are...............well rather lacklustre.
Sid James would be proud as Noel has simply carried on regardless with an album that could very easily be the next in line to chart the decline of the once wonderful Oasis.
Similar to the Oasis albums that preceded this it's an album that sounds tired and bereft of any spark of imagination or life.
While Liam dragged his trademarked cocksure swagger forward in a very slightly different direction, Noel has played safe and given people nothing much to write home about.
This is a truly awful album of substandard pop psychedelia filtered through the Lennon and McCartney songbook.
Now where did I put that Beady Eye album. I need a pick me up after listening to this dirge.


  1. Noel Gallagher is a fucking genius you wank.
    How can you say this is crap. Your crap. .
    How fucking dare you.
    I still havnt heard it and I bet you are fucking wrong. Its a classic.
    Get a fucking life ya tasteless bastard

  2. Thanks for the reasonable response J.
    Much appreciated.
    I actually wasn't going to allow the comment to be upped for a number of reasons.
    1) The statement of Noels genius being a subjective one, but put across as a fact.
    2) The crap spelling and poor grammar.
    3) The childish aspect to the 'your crap' comment. Oh and by the way that means my crap, I think you mean you're craps as in you are crap.
    4) The fact that you admit that you are commenting on something that you haven't heard.
    5) and the needless advise on getting a life.
    The reason that I have upped it is so that others can get a bit of an insight into the comments I sometimes receive, and as an aside laugh at the levels of intelligence on display.

  3. I could listen to the geezer talk all day .. but please, please don't sing. The best tracks from the past few Oasis albums ain't been penned by big bro. Shame, as he's an interesting, intelligent & entertaining fella.