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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Daily Fail

When is the news not the news?
When you pre-report it. That's when.
Today Amanda Knox, who had previously been convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher, won her appeal.
That is the reality, but the Mail Online already had the story written for a failed appeal, including descriptions of the actions of those attending the case and quotes from unnamed sources.
How do I know this?
Well because they managed to post it in its entirety and someone was quick enough to snatch a screen shot of it.
Hello. Is there a copywriter in the house? No? No one? Oh well.
There's been some talk about it being simply a journalist doing work covering any eventuality and then it could be edited to suit the facts, but in my opinion that's the gate being shut after Shergar has bolted to pastures unknown.
Does anyone really believe that someone is slaving over a keyboard writing two stories when they could wait for the breaking news and write one?
It makes you wonder how many others stories are pre-written, and how much of the fictional references manage to make their way into the leading articles of each day.
Or maybe it doesn't.
It's possible that the people who buy the Daily Mail aren't looking to be informed of foreign and domestic issues in a fair and balanced manner, but do so only for it to bolsters the opinions that they already hold.
Non whites are to be mistrusted unless they have loads of cash, Muslims are all terrorists even if they have loads of cash, homosexuals want to adopt babies and eat them, and any heart defect that they may have that kills them is Gods will, the sexualization of kids is wrong unless you're a celebrities kids, especially the kids of a celebrity who is a practicing Scientologist, etc.
The people who hold these opinions deserve the newspaper they get and that paper is The Daily Mail.
Spreading hate and misinformation since 1896.
Maybe someone should send a strongly worded letter to the press complaints commission. Although I doubt they would get very far as Paul Dacre is the PCCs Chairman and when he's not doing that he is the current editor of The Daily Mail.
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