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Friday, 20 May 2011

This service has been interrupted.

Due to ill health I havn't been able to update the blog at all.
On the Thursday morning after the Urban Voodoo Machine gig I was pretty much out of service and I put it down to a hangover from hell, but when it trickled into the Friday, Saturday and Sunday I realized that something was up.
I managed to make it to work and complete two twelve hour shifts, but I was in no state to do so and the only reason I did was to avoid the hassle it would have caused if I hadn't turned up.
Apart from that all I've done is throw up, and throw up, and throw up.
In one three day period the only thing I ate was two slices of toast.
On Wednesday I took the kids to see The Pirates of the Carribean and in hindsight I should have just stayed tucked up in bed.
It's now about ten days since the lurgy descended and I'm still not back to being fighting fit.
The Urban Voodoo Machine live review will be coming, as will album reviews of releases by Feeding Egon, Wanda Jackson, The Cars and Rezurex.
Hopefully by Monday evening I will be able to manage to attend the Adam Ant gig, but it looks like my trip to Manchester to see The Pyratz isn't going to happen.

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