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Friday, 20 May 2011

Feeding Egon - Between you and the view

I've been trying to wrap my head around Feeding Egon's début for over a week now and I'm still no closer to settling on a definitive opinion about them.
On a good day I can hear a young band adventurously setting forth on a path that they are forging ahead on alone.
There's some prog, funk, jazz and indie rock all muscling forward to catch some attention and while the restrictions of self releasing an album - on what I presume would be a limited budget - rears its ugly head there is still plenty of promise shown.
It's refreshing to hear anyone push out from the narrow confines of what is considered 'in' and try and create something that challenges.
Unfortunately on a bad day all I can hear is a band thrashing about and stretching their musical muscles while still looking to formulate a sound that they can call their own.
The main critique across the breadth of the album is that maybe sometimes too much is simply too much.
Being young I would presume that they want to explore every little corner and push the walls out a bit, create some space that they can fit all their ideas into, and there's nothing wrong with that.
It's just that I find myself losing the string that should hold it all together.
There's a track called “The First Waltz” that could be used to explore the whole concept of the album.
It swoops high and plummets low, flows around you and picks at the snatches of familiarity while dancing just out of reach of being pinned down.
The thing is that within its seven odd minutes it manages to hold all its parts together but over the course of a whole album all the influences start to serve to unravel the clear picture that the band are wanting to paint for the listener.
I would think that they guys in the band could do with sitting down and working out how they can manage to keep all the influences in, but at the same time have a distinct vibe/sound that people can hear and think 'hey, that's Feeding Egon' regardless of if it's a track than leans heavily towards a funk bassline, or one that has an ethereal acoustic angle to it.
You can file it under P for promising.


  1. All very interesting, but are you alright doll?! You went off radar and I see from your blog that you've no been weel! Back on your dancing feet? Mo x

  2. Not 100% yet. My chest is very congested and I'm pretty weak. Just started eating semi normally yesterday really.

  3. Hell,not just man-flu then? Maybe the Voodoo Six fans are still sticking pins in their dolls...hope you get back to (just to the left of) normal soon. Mo x

  4. I'm hoping I'm alright to go and see Adam Ant tomorrow night. Tired all the time though, still being sick, body aches all the time. I feel very very old..