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Monday, 30 May 2011

Don't rain on the parade MF!

Interesting things going on tonight.
All round nice guy Ginger Wildheart had put his guitar up for auction on ebay with all the proceeds raised going to the British Red Cross.
A laudable thing to do in anyone's book I'd presume.
Well anyone's book bar an admin of the Michael Monroe Facebook page. An individual who took it upon themselves to remove a link to the auction.
Now Ginger has been very clear in explaining to his fans, and the fans of Michael Monroe, that Michael himself doesn't deal with the facebook page, and it's run by his management, but regardless of this it would seem to be a very silly move that could have an impact on how someone perceives themselves as a member of the band.
Anyone would be forgiven to thinking that they were little more than a hired gun.
There's been enough rumours flying about as it is of Ginger feeling unhappy with his role in the band, and while he hasn't publicly made these claims himself, we, as fans, know that he has a wandering spirit and playing guitar in Michaels band is only ever going to work as long as he has the opportunity to work on other projects, and devote time to following his own musical lead.
So way to go in fucking up a band dynamic you faceless twat.
That the auction raised £17,000 for a worthy cause is a fantastic upside to this, but I'm hoping with fingers crossed that the ridiculous behaviour of one person doesn't act as a catalyst for Ginger to say sayonara to Michael and the boys.
Sensory Overdrive is the best thing that Michael has done in years and that is down to the mix of writers on board. Five individuals who can walk the walk and talk the talk, a real rock and roll super group that has delivered on all the promise that we had expected.
All this may now hang in the balance because some Grinch like tosser couldn't bring themselves to allow a link to a charity auction remain on their employers facebook page.
I'm going to be interested in how all this plays out.
It's cast a shadow over what should have been an undiluted by negativity celebration of kindness.
Just as an aside. Congratulations to whoever it was that won the guitar. I hope the guitar and the contribution you made to charity makes you feel like a double winner.


  1. Like you I'm unsure of what the point would be in removing a link to a charity auction. Seems like madness to me.
    How to make enemies and alienate people in one go.
    If Ginger had been posting a link to a site considered offensive or promoting something that clashed with an event Michael Monroe was supporting then you could understand the removal of the link, but this makes no sense.
    I'm just glad that it didn't have an effect on how much was raised for the charity.
    Val (US)

  2. Well said Val.
    This isn't about ego's at play, and if it was then I'm pretty sure most people would let the toys be thrown out of the pram and let the guilty parties get on with it, but instead it's about an individual limiting the word getting out about the raising of funds for a charity.
    What artists wants to be seen to be that petty, even by association?
    I'm a long term Hanoi Rocks/Michael Monroe fan and I'm hoping that at some point in the very near future he has a quiet word in this admins ear about what is, and is not, going to be allowed to be posted on his facebook page.
    I'm sure he is very busy, but as someone who does charitable work himself he should be making it clear that he is supportive of the endeavours of any of the band doing their bit for a good cause.

  3. rocknrolltiger
    If a member of the band was a liability and they behaved in a way that was going to reflect badly on them all then it would have to be a three strikes and your out of there deal.
    Same should go for the admin of the facebook page.
    This band are the sum of their parts and they have all attracted fans to the album and live dates from things they have done in the past.
    If one leaves some fans could go with them. It's not a position Michael Monroe should be having to deal with.

  4. They should hang their head in shame. Petty BS,

  5. i hope everyone can rise above, if only so I can see this utterly fantastic band play again.

  6. Even from a purely commercial aspect, MM's people should be pleased that their artist is already getting extra exposure through Ginger's involvement in the band. They should realise that with this fantastically generous charity auction you just can't buy PR as good as that!

    Whatever the motive, it stinks. I'm sure MM can't be happy with the negative image it portrays.

  7. As Trucks says, it's petty BS, but petty BS on the part of the FB admin. So I hope that this is addressed and the band can move on from it.
    One possible rotten apple shouldn't be allowed to ruin the party for everyone else.
    This band are one of the most exciting that I've ever seen and it would be a great shame if they were to be derailed due to someone who calls the shots on a FB page.

  8. I do hope someone in the MM management gets shown the door over this, but alas things never work the way they should. Worrying. It's stuff like this that will make Ginger feel that it's time to leave. MM needs to kick ass but he probably has to be careful not to do his usual trick of falling out with the record company at the same time. Not good...depressed....

  9. Meant to also say this is a really great photo. Ginger looks very cuddly.....yeah okay, you too Kel......Mo x

  10. I wouldn't like to see anyone losing their job over this. I'd support the three strikes and they're out that rocknrolltiger mentioned.
    At the very least Michael should be having a face to face with the person and laying down clear guidelines as to what does and doesn't get posted on his FB page.
    Here's a hint. Links to charitable auctions from bandmates are okay.

    Ginger very kindly wished Kel a happy birthday a few days ago and slagged me off for not having gotten her anything at that point. Steve Conte has sent youtube links in the past for my son to check out when we had talked about his love of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Years ago Sami was very open and generous with his time for an interview.
    This is a band of what we could call 'good guys'. The management should be focussing on the positives and not going hell for leather to be the fly in the ointment.

  11. Aw, okay then....can I just send a zombie apocalypse to their door instead? (I'm sure Ginger would appreciate this notion, taking account of his viewing habits). Mo x

  12. It would be funny if every fan who was annoyed at this turned up at future gigs dressed as zombies in protest.

  13. I think it's just one person who made a couple of mistakes without thinking too good. I certainly hope it is. I'm also fairly certain MM management is not responsible for this.

  14. They run the FB page so ultimately I would say they are responsible to an extent.
    Once Ginger posted the link and it was removed there was the opportunity to re-up it, but they chose to ban him from posting when he basically asked what the score was.
    So not just one slip up, but an individual making matters worse by their ongoing actions.
    It's as if they had the choice of doing the right or wrong thing and couldn't help themselves from doing the wrong thing at every turn.

  15. Who gives a fuck. Michael Monroe looks like an old whore and Ginger looks like a hobo. The rest of the band are nobodies.
    Cock rock crap. Fuck that.
    Sell a guitar for charity. Sounds like his career is on the skids and he wants to be the next Bono.

  16. Yawn.
    Kinkyafro, or should I just call you cuntybaws?
    Okay then, Cuntybaws it is.
    a) I give a fuck.
    b) I don't really give a shit what Michael or Ginger looks like as long as they deliver the goods. Both have done in the past and are still doing so in the preesent, but that's just my opinion.
    c) The rest of the band are far from nobodies. Check the big book of rock and roll talent and you will find them all in it.
    d) How is it cock rock ya fuckin knob jockey. Does a bit of glitter send a shiver through your sphincter?
    e) and doing a good deed is a bad thing. How so?
    f) does anyone want to be Bono apart from Jesus?

  17. Dear kinkycamarillobrillo - You must be some rap loving college geek. Go away.

  18. Just another internet warrior looking for a reaction. Probably needs the stimulus to distract him/her from the mundane nature of their abysmal empty life.

  19. Maybe Howling Willie Cunt needs to come out of retirement and have a word.

  20. Shit band.
    Shit blog.
    Shit reviews.
    Shit shit shit.

  21. Brilliant. The idiot son of the village idiot is back.
    It's a shit band, but you're commenting on them.
    It's a shit blog, but you're reading it.
    The reviews are shit, but you must have spent some of your precious time perusing them.
    Regardless of that thanks for your post. I can see you have taken a lot of time and effort to formulate a response.
    I know multi tasking is difficult for those with a limited level of intelligence so I appreciate you taking the time to keep in touch, but now that you have posted it you can go back to the other things that you have to concentrate on doing......breathing, blinking, trying to tighten your anal muscle so you don't shit yourself.
    The important stuff.

  22. None of this makes sense.
    A band is a band, or should be.
    All for one and one for all and all that.
    If ginger wants to post a link to a charity event on MMs facebook page then its no big deal.
    For anyone to delete it that isn't in the band shows a lack of respect.
    It was a stupid move compounded by banning Ginger from posting.

  23. Mo, He was very cuddley lol and iam still waiting for that birthday present from eld

  24. So the book, the personal message from Ginger and the birthday cake wasn't enough?

  25. U still didnt do it on ma birthday. U did it at the weekend and ma birthday was thursday :P

  26. Wow - Kinkyafro's got a bug up his ass, huh? Everything you've responded is true on that one. I suspect there may be a few people still harbouring a grudge from previous reviews they didn't this birthday book, "How to win friends and influence people"?
    Oh...and flowers may be called for....or a ticket for something at the very least....Mo x

  27. Ginger got 17K for the guitar which is great so why keep going on about some jerk at FB?
    Let it go,find something else to worry about.

  28. I think you mean that Ginger got 17k despite some jerk on FB.
    I'm not losing any sleep over this though, but I do consider it a right or wrong issue with Ginger being in the right, and the admin of the FB page being in the wrong.
    I don't like how it reflects on Michael Monroe and I don't like how it may have an impact on the line up either.
    Feel frre not to care about it all YOU want, and I guess I'll just feel free to say what I want on the subject.