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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Filthy Little Secret - Live at the Captains Rest

Here's a little surprise everyone.
The guys from Filthy Little Secret recorded a recent show at the Captains Rest and then split into two camps.
One thought the rough and ready charm of it captured the essence of their live performance, and would therefore serve as something they could share with fans until the studio album was completed.
The other camp thought it was shit and argued that it would be better to wait until they had something that was more representative of them recorded.
There was only one way to resolve their issues.
A game of naked tiddlywinks with a twist.
Every time one of them missed the cup they had to drink a pint of Buckfast.
Three hours later Kyle Thunder was accused of deliberately missing the cup and a fight kicked off.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
None of the band recall what the outcome was, but Haj swears that they all agreed that they should release it.
The rest of the band now consider that it is easier to accept his word on the matter than go for a round two of naked tiddlywinks.
Very soon a hard copy of this will be available to buy at gigs, but as everyone can't get to a Filthy Little Secret gig here it is as a free download.
Consider it the first in a series of bootleg recordings that the band may or may not make available.
I'm sure they would appreciate some comments to.
Even if it is just a request for the rules to naked tiddlywinks.


  1. That truly is a horrific image...

  2. Naked leapfrog next time?....yeah, that SO wouldn't work....and there could be skidding and everything.....eeuuuhhhhh! Hee Hee

  3. and when the women did the splits on the lino it would be murder trying to prise them back off. We would have to slide them over to the carpet.

  4. Hey, how did the women suddenly get in there? You're daydreaming! Listen, this is my daydream you're gatecrashing and it's all blokes playing naked leapfrog. There could be scuffing....painful. Wouldn't "There could be scuffing" be a good band name? Well, I think so..