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Monday, 30 May 2011

Aerosmith - Tough Love (Best of the Ballads)

For fucks sake please leave this horse alone.
It's been flogged, resuscitated and flogged again.
It's had paddles strapped to its chest and been shocked back to life only to be flogged to death yet again, and if Romero could reanimate it then I reckon the Aerosmith guys would flog its zombie corpse from here to hell and back again.
Does the world really need another Aerosmith compilation?
It's not even full of ballads as the title would lead you to believe.
It's just another best of.
A very obvious one at that.
The trades description people should be told about this.
I've not been keeping score, but surely they must be creeping ever closer to having more compilation releases than proper studio albums.
Is there anyone out there who doesn't have every song on this?
I mean who is this really going to appeal to?
Are there any bored housewives left out there that need this, any Clarkson wannabes who want to blast out Angel with the windows down as they travel the hard worn road to a mid life crisis?
It's only saving grace is it's better than Steven Tylers latest solo release.
A pointless money grabber.


  1. Hey Kel - if you want revenge for the birthday fiasco, here's the perfect Christmas gift for gobby boy.....

  2. Gobby Boy.
    I like that. I don't like El Diablo.
    The reason I get called that is because it was the name of a fanzine I did, and then over time people started calling me it.
    It was quite strange when someone would approach me and ask if I was El Diablo.
    For a long time I would correct people, but I was going against the tide and after a while I just gave up.
    Gobby Boy could be the perfect replacement.