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Friday, 6 May 2011

Ginger - Love Music session - 4/5/11 (Glasgow)

The sun is shining in Glasgow and Ginger Wildheart has dragged Jase Edwards (Wolfsbane/God Damn Whores), Willie Dowling (The Grip/Honeycrack/Wildhearts/Jackdaw4) and Jon Poole (Cardiacs/Wildhearts/God Damn Whores) along to Love Music to play a short acoustic set for us all
It doesn't get much better than that in my opinion.
All four of them have paid their dues over the years in bands that I'm an admirer of, and to get the opportunity to sit in on what amounts to be a jam session amongst mates is fantastic.
It's pretty cool to watch them interact amongst each others, and by extension the small audience squeezed into the record store.
They breeze through a handful of songs that are requested of them. Someone shouts out 24 x the pain and Ginger accommodates him by changing the lyrics to suit the slip of the tongue.
When Ginger asked for another I waited a while in the silence of what was probably people racking their brains for something to shout out, and then asked if they would do the Cheers theme that they played earlier on when they visited Rock Radio.
It's a nice reworking that includes the theme from Taxi as an intro and outro. They didn't include the break in the middle where they slip into the Clash's White Riot, but I doubt that anyone was disappointed.
They ended on Cheap Tricks Surrender and then Ginger made himself available for photographs and autographs.
It's a hit and run appearance, but it's more than enough to wet the appetite of the fans in attendance for the show that would take place later on.
The relaxed atmosphere and unawareness of where the set will go adds a little sprinkling of magic to the occasion.
In tehse situations you just never know what you will get.
Apart from meeting the needs of the fans who fanatically want to get up close and personal to their idols, these little promo jaunts that the bands do offer people a great opportunity for us to see them doing material out-with the constraints of a full on gig.
So more power to Love Music for putting this on and I hope that there will be more in the future.

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