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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Face to Face - Laugh now, Laugh later.

After such a long lay off some fans could be forgiven for thinking that the Face to Face flame could have spluttered and died, but they would be wrong. Very wrong.
It may well have been virtually a decade from their last studio release, but as soon as they come out of the gate with 'Should anything go wrong' it feels like they have never been away.
The trademarked melodic approach is the same, but the music on the opening track has the foot to the floor driving rhythm that Lemmy and co have cornered the market on.
It sounds so powerful that live I expect that it could take the roof off any venue they care to stretch their musical muscles in.
It's the perfect reintroduction to the band. Hard, fast and melodic. Albeit not exactly what was expected.
Never fear though because before you can catch a breath they breeze straight into 'It's not all about you', a track that could be filed away as a Face to Face classic.
In just over three minutes they say everything they want to say about where they are coming from.
One song after another piles in after it and there is no doubt that what we have here is a band at the top of their game.
'Laugh now, Laugh later' is the sound of Face to Face picking up from where they left off.
It's not about revisiting the past, or rehashing what has come before, but the beginning of a new chapter in the bands illustrious punk history.
I doubt anyone is going to be disappointed in this release. I'm certainly not.
This album has just reaffirmed my faith in bands being able to play melodic punk rock without having to pander to MTV anymore.
(People like you records – Release date 6/6/11)

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