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Sunday, 22 April 2012

NOFX - Thalidomide Child

…....and so it goes on with Fat Mike continuing to lean heavily on the self destruct button and ruin everything that NOFX has built up over the years.
Following on from an indulgent stab at some hardcore covers he is now alienating more fans with a painful fuckin' dirge of shite from their past.
Seriously Mike?
I mean seriously?
The band admit it was so bad when the originally recorded it that they never released it, but now they think it would be funny to get it out there.
Yep. It's funny to release crap that wasn't deemed worthy to be aired years ago.
The joke just flew past me.
Where's the fuckin' punchline Mike.
Oh wait a minute I did just get it.
People are buying something you admit is crap.
It's one of those jokes that you can laugh at but no one else is in on it.
He's laughing at the fans, not with them.
That makes sense.
Time for a check up from the neck up.
Does anyone really doubt that he does actually want to fuck everything up for himself.
Was pissing in a bottle and then giving his own fans shots of his own urine not enough?
Now he's taking a dump in our ears with this.
This is not the NOFX that fans know and love.
It's not even a side project where the band flex their influences and provide something that's bit different from the norm.
Instead it a fuck you to everyone.
Someone message me when NOFX start giving a shit again..

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