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Monday, 30 April 2012

Bob Wayne - Till the wheels fall off

Country music - similar to pop music - has apparently been co-opted by big business.
No longer are the outlaws to be promoted to the world as the sound of country.
Your wife running off with a trailer park neighbour called Hank, who really only seduced her so he could steal your three legged diabetic dog, is no longer suitable as a subject matter for a country hit.
Instead prepubescent girls with big shiny white smiles who wear Stetsons and shit kicking boots sing songs about Marines who gave them their hearts before dying at the hands of dirty infidels in far of countries while protecting the American way of life.
No one questions that if the story was factual that the marine would be a paedophile as the singer is only thirteen.
That would be unpatriotic and the Christian right would kick your ass for even thinking it.
Thankfully existing in far flung corners are people like Bob Wayne who are keeping the real spirit of country alive.
Nashville incorporated will no doubt hate his greasy haired unshaven fuck you outlaw attitude, but we need people like Bob to stand up and be the yin to the lowest common denominator country yang that is being foisted on us.
For every song that is released that Hollywood can line dance to we need one like Lyza that's about an emancipated woman shooting cocksucking reprobates.
For every Blake Shelton hit we need someone singing a song about the Devil accompanied by a fiddle on fire as an antidote.
More palatable than Hank III for the ears of most people Bob could quite easily manage to keep the hillbilly punks happy with 'Till the wheels fall off', and at the same time attract more mainstream country fans to what he does.
Lets call him a gateway drug for the country music scene.
Even people who don't like country could well be beguiled by Bob.
The man is a honky tonk hero.
Less the last of a dying breed, but more so the return of the real deal.
Hitch your wagon to his train.
It's going to be a long and interesting journey.

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