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Monday, 2 April 2012

Macy Gray - Covered

Cover albums.
Either works of genius or the last ditch attempt for some credibility from an artist who has already scraped the bottom of their own barrel.
Well sadly Macy Gray falls into the latter category with the lions share of the imaginatively titled 'Covered'.
Much of it sounds as if it was recorded by Stock, Aitken and Waterman in a bathroom with dictaphone and a guy from the pub playing a casio.
It's not all bad.
There some spacy dub stuff that works, but the covers of the bands like Eurythmics. My Chemical Romance and Metallica are truly awful.
I mean really really bad.
Imagine them as the worst covers you can think of and then accept that no matter how bad they are this is worse.
It's the aural equivalent of falling from a great height naked into a large cat litter tray.
It's painful and embarrassing.
I think that her first two albums are stone cold classics.
Real breaths of fresh air when they came out.
Yet here on this she manages to ruin every good track, like Sail, with something that is so horrendous that it eclipses any of the meager highpoints.
Best if the police just tape this off as a crime scene and tell people to move on as there's nothing to see.

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