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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Devilish Presley Tour Diary - Glasgow Pivo Pivo - 20/04/12

 Friday 20th April 
 Pivo Pivo.
We left London at 7-30pm on thursday evening heading for Stoke, and as we stopped to get some fuel I saw a black Range Rover with tinted windows and the number plate MI5 I SPY - it "must" have been James Bond surely? Or a berk....?

We stayed in a place called "StokeTalke" which sounds like an "Olde Worlde Radio Showe" where everyone phones in and talks about Manglewurzels and shrubs. The "Stoke Talke Little Cheffe was Closde" Harpo was delighted with his sofa-bed but as usual with Travelodge because we had a dog with us were downgraded from 3rd class to "fucked up shit class".Big hole in one wall, water stains on the ceiling, bootmarks on the bed - the usual (before we arrived I hasten to add).
Set off about midday Friday and the weather was mental, sunshine, shower, sunshine, shower....As we got up near Carlisle the scenery started to get more impressive and the clouds were doing their best "biblical sky" kind of thing. Stopped at a services surrounded by rolling hills, sunshine in one direction, evil black clouds in another and lots of mist. Harpo was heard to mumble "fuck me this is a BIG park!"

We arrived outside Pivo Pivo at 5-30 pm and I loaded in while Jacqui sat like a spider waiting to pounce on the parking spot right outside the venue. Pivo is situated right near Glasgow’s main station and the area is how shall I put it “vibrant” at night time. Parking space acquired, gear set up and sound engineer sorted THEN our mate Meester Mainy arrived looking very dapper like a cross between Clockwork Orange and a Parisian Beatnik all tooled up for the Parisian riots in 1968. Mainy paid me upfront an example to all and a feat shared by some of the bikers we have played for in the past. I said hello to Kel and was introduced to Pauline & Claire. Everything ran like Clockwork (Orange) and all the bands were on time and there was no fucking about.

We set up the merch and I have to say a special thanks to Lorna (who arrived looking glam in leopard skin) who took over whilst we were feeding Harpo and continued to do the merch’ during the night. Many times in the course of the night she handed me money and said “CD & T-shirt” in her cool Glaswegian accent. Thanks mate.

Melisa Kelly & The Harmless Thieves were on first and were a really pleasant surprise to me. Melisa has an amazing voice, Jacqui came up to me and said “she sounds like Stevie - Stevie Vann Jac’s vocal coach – who also has an amazing range and power. Melisa could earn a fortune doing sessions but does her own songs which are great.

Mainy was sitting out on the stairs for a great deal of the time (Pivo is a basement) and I kept popping out to chat with him, on one of these occasions I met Homesick Aldo (Alan Smith) who was the next on the bill. Aldo was every bit as good as I was expecting blowing up a one man storm on his harmonica, playing minimal drums and blues-wailing. Unlike some wannabe blues guys Aldo opts for the Johnny Thunders meets Slim Harpoimage and sound and was terrific.

More folks were arriving all the time and I met long time fan and friend Lisa M and had some photos taken with her and sister Pauline M & their friend “DP first timer” Joanne who was a party on legs!!. This is one of the perks of the job.  Also caught up with my mate Antony Crimson Black (who we stayed with in Whitby last year) who made it to the gig after a very long drive from Sheffield!

And then there were The Coffins fronted by the dude Joe Bone. Now I was lucky enough to see Glasgow’s finest son Alex Harvey and I can think of no higher praise than to say there were distinct echoes of SAHB here, maybe it was the vocals & accent, maybe it was the bank robbers balaclava or the excellent band (the bass player was superb) but whatever I loved these guys. “Get into the Coffins before you die” wise words indeed!
Then we were on and it was a such great crowd. Fucking excellent gig. Mainy did us proud at The Barfly in 2008 and he did it again, thank you so much mate.

A bit of a hectic rush to pack up and get out....Lisa M asked if she could help me pack up because she quite rightly felt we should have some roadies (so do I but I can’t afford them). Lisa I have to say the next day when we went to set up the stand for the flag it literally fell to pieces – no worries we sorted it out – and you have got the job!!

A few more photos outside and it was all over – apparently there had been mayhem earlier in the evening around the venue – Jacqui saw a large group of people hitching a ride on a garbage truck and a big fight – but we got some deep fried pizza and wished we could rewind the night and do it all over again. Maybe we will!!

Just got a short and sweet review in from Mr Anarchoi aka Mysterious Stranger (For 'Plastic Punks' Only) 

Great turnout for a Friday gig, and that was with a coupla other things goin on in the city.
Sadly I missed Melissa Kelly who was 1st on but I was reliably informed her set went doon well wae the punters.
Next up was Homesick Aldo who sported a 'Johnny Thunders' t marx straight away fae me!!!! He done a 1 man band playin some drums,harmonica and anything else he could get his hands or teeth into!!! Like a blues meets glam meets sleazy punk in cbgbs which certainly messed up the rules of punk, he kept it going well and the crowd were eatin outta his hands by the end of it!!
The Coffins were up next and treated us to some Garage influenced rock which was met with an equally frantic crowd, horror and murder the order of the day...or night...crackin band live!!! Devilish Presley ended proceedings and they've never disappointed at all, drum machine and guitar and bassist all served up a tasty mix of 70s punk and Joan Jett influenced attitude!!! Once again, a well promoted gig not relying on big names just honesty and attitude.

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