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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Jack White - Blunderbuss

Widely touted as a debut album it may be, but 'Blunderbuss' is really a debut in name only.
There's no great departure from what we have come to expect from Jack White as an artist, and instead Blunderbuss is really a continuation of what what he is known for, and what he is known for is mining the sounds of the past and dragging little nuggets of gold screaming and kicking into the present.
While some laud his magpie tendencies and dub them eclectic, that would seem to be a situation where the listener is so close to the subject matter that they can't see the big picture.
Take a step back and it becomes apparent that his love of reinventing the music from yesteryear is the common thread that he very rarely strays far from.
That is not a criticism though, as it would be blatantly unfair to describe Blunderbuss as a same shit different day release.
Like a shark Jack White is still relentlessly moving forward, and while his latest release may well be rooted in the blues, soul and the garage sound of the sixties and seventies - with a bit of country thrown in for good measure - it is also a body of work that sits comfortably in the here and now.
It's fresh sounding and there's a current running through it that will raise the hairs on your neck.
If each album he has released could be described as a signpost on the highway then he has certainly moved down the road a little way.
It seems obvious to me that regardless of what bands he has been involved in it has been his own vision that has led the way, and he has always stamped his authority over the music created.
The only difference this time is that he is has publicly stepped forth to take the credit for his work under his own name.

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