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Sunday, 8 January 2012

There aint no Sanity Clause - Part 3 (The Hours)

The Hours - See the light (CD)
Loved the début from this band, but when I went to see them live I was so underwhelmed that I sort of allowed them to momentarily slip from my memory.
Then they released a single that preceded their return to the fray that was 'See the Light', and as that was also rather lacklustre it acted as another nail being hammered into the 'where are they now' coffin that I was fashioning for them to reside in.
So why did I buy the album then?
Well it was a quid and at that price I'm easy going about offering them the chance to redeem themselves, and in a small way they have managed to claw back some lost ground.
Not a lot, but some.
Although only time will tell how often this album will get dusted off and given a spin.
Being in the Mescaleros with Strummer, having celeb friends, getting Damien Hirst to fashion some shit for you and even touring in support to U2 is obviously not always the key to success.
See the light isn't a bad album, but I suspect it's going to be a dust magnet in my flat.

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