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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Homesick Aldo - Talkin Innocent Outlaw Blues

It's 1902.
A new century is teetering onto unsteady feet and looking to take some unhindered steps still further into the future.
Meanwhile WC Handy stands still in Tutwiler. Mississippi waiting for a train.
The heat and dust compete as a distraction while sweat trickles from his hairline into his starched shirt collar.
It's certainly a a long way from the Scotland of 2012.
A time and place where the sky is slate grey and the rain unforgiving.
Yet there is a connection.
A link between what was then and what is now, and that link is the blues.
When WC Handy heard the sound of the slide guitar for the first time on that day, a sound that he would then take forth to the world, it would act as a catalyst and over a century later set a young man on a musical journey that would see him record an album that would in a spiritual sense bring the blues back home.
This is that album.
With a stomping, howling clarion call of authenticity that hasn't been heard in a very long time this is the sound of the blues coming full circle and reconnecting with its own past.
It's not the sound of the studio, or even a technical facsimile of the Delta that Clapton would wring out of a guitar, but instead it is the beating heart of the juke joint, the plantation and the Devil doing a deal at the crossroads put to music.
A living breathing testament to the power that music possesses when it is revealed in its rawest form.
In short it's the real deal.

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