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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The gig that wasn't to be.

Unfortunately I've had to cancel this gig.
The situation is that there are still ongoing issues with red tape and the venue (Jollys) may or may not be open for the 29th.
On that basis, and that alone, and with only one week to go it would be unfair to continue promoting a gig that may not actually happen.
Especially as none of the acts are from Kilmarnock and one is travelling from as far away as Manchester.
Sadly I will not be rescheduling and in all honesty I'll not be looking to promote any further gigs in Kilmarnock.
It feels like the end of something.
Kelly and myself have only ever dabbled in promoting and never ever made one penny from it.
We either broke even or made a loss.
The latter being the norm.
I really wish this gig could have happened as it's a solid line up.
Dave Sharp is a legend in my opinion.
From his days in the Alarm to playing with Dylan and ultimately doing his own thing he has never failed to entertain me.
On a personal note he is also a real gent and a man who lives and breaths what he does.
It's with pride that I call him friend.
Similar could be said about Tragic O'Hara.
The first time I seen him play a set I thought he was good, but failed to understand why friends were raving about him.
My lack of appreciation was firmly knocked into touch the second time I caught him perform though.
Everything clicked into place and I had my road to Damascus moment.
In recent months he has been securing increasingly high profile support slots and with his next album we may very well see him reap the rewards that he is most certainly due.
This gig was also going to be the Kilmarnock d├ębut for both Melisa Kelly and the band Fole.
Melisa is a young woman from Ayr who has rock and roll diva stamped all over her.
When she opens her mouth to sing the hair rises on the back of the audiences neck.
She doesn't just sing the notes, but emotes them.
You feel that it is a real performance.
There's no auto tuning, no fake persona. Just a raw talent that, similar to the greats like Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday, refuses to be diluted.
I was really pleased that I was in the position to bring her to Kilmarnock and the icing on the cake was that I would be doing the same for Fole.
Since initially seeing their singer do a solo set I've been impressed with every subsequent performance.
Well crafted songs passionately delivered will always find an appreciative audience and this is why they are going from strength to strength.
I honestly couldn't have had a better line up to kick the year off with.
As I'll no longer be promoting any gigs in Kilmarnock I'd like to say thank you to all the bands and artists who have played for Kelly and myself.
Each and every single one of you has brought something unique to the town and it is greatly appreciated.
Not just by me, but by all who support live original music.
The Hangmen from Newcastle, Promises from Holland, The Hyperjax from Manchester, Devilish Presley from London, Jinx Lennon from Ireland, Mike Peters from Wales, Dave Sharp from Manchester, Glen Matlock and the Philistines from London.
All the Glaswegians, Tragic City Thieves, Filthy Little Secret, The Girobabies, The Zips, The Snipes, Chris Devotion, Variety Suite, Jon Zip and Alan Bishop.
The east coasters Billy Liar, Emma Forman and Homesick Aldo.
And all the Ayrshire acts.
Cal Murray, Roscoe Vacant solo and with his Gantin Screichs, The Hold Up, Zoe Lewis, Little Fire, Tragic OHara, Matt Scott, Colin Hunter, Junkmans Choir, Ross Gilchrist, Anna Sweeney, The Japanese Mafia, The Parrafins and Ari of Rose Parade.
I doff my cap to you all, and if there is anyone I have managed to miss then it's not intentional and I will be more than happy to add you to the roll call of honour..
In closing I would also like to take this opportunity to add a big thank you to Chris Mooney, Stuart Dudgeon and Scott Lyle for all the help and support that they have provided over the last few years.
None of the gigs would have been possible without them.


  1. Sorry to hear of this.
    That's an impressive list of bands that have played and it is sad that any town is now going to lose out on future bookings.
    Here in Wales we seem to get people willing to take the risk for a year at best and then they fold.
    This seems to be happening across the country to.

  2. I'm feeling sort of sick in the pit of my stomach to be honest.
    Not one act gave us a moments grief. Every single one without exception was a pleasure to work with. No prima donnas. No time wasters. All pros.