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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ethical gigs (Glasgow)

In my ongoing efforts to get a bit of a better deal for performers here is another enterprise that has started up in Glasgow by promoter Dochan MacMillan.

Paid gigs at the Free Candy Sessions for performers?
Yes, that's what we're going to be doing in 2012. As we move into our 9th year of staging gigs in a newly re-furbished venue, we've decided to open our nights to acts that can pull a crowd to make their own money.

As some of you know, the Liquid Ship sailed away in Oct 2011, since then at The Roxy171, we've been trying different formats of gigs. Free gigs, fee paid gigs and 'pay on the door/ticketed' gigs.

We've now decided on a mixture of free entry and ticketed gigs.
The format of the free gigs will remain the same as before
With the newly designed downstairs area at The Roxy, we have a new stage area, lighting system and the option to charge on the door.
The basic format of the paid gigs will be that the acts will take every penny collected at the door, nothing for the venue. Their will be no set price for a door charge, that will be up to the acts to decide for themselves
The venue will supply the room, PA, sound engineer and incorporate the gigs on the monthly listings/advertising and mail shots.
The acts will supply any backline needed and a person to collect the door money.

Regarding the capacity downstairs, we have 40 all seating or 50-60 standing/limited seating.
Its a simple concept, the acts get paid by taking all the door money, the venue takes the bar money and the punters enjoy a gig at a cracking wee venue for a reasonable door fee.
There's no hidden costs, no promoters cut, just a straight forward deal for acts to generate their own gig income.
If you're a performer and are a bit unsure if you can put on your own gig, we'll be there to help you through every step, all you need to do is be confident of bringing folk along to the gig.
We wont be taking block bookings from promoters, anyone doing ticket split deals or anything resembling 'pay to play', this is about a bit of much needed fairness on our local music scene.

So, please make sure you read the above carefully, the paid gigs are all about putting on a great night for everyone involved and that quite simply means everyone involved doing their bit to having a memorable night.

That means, if you are a performer interested in taking part, you need to bring folk along to watch you. This wont work otherwise, there's plenty of places in Glasgow you can roll in, play to an empty room or a full dis-interested room and then go home, that's not what we want to do.

We're open to all genres of music, all are welcome.
If this is of interest, we're taking bookings now for dates from 11th January 2012 onwards.

Please email for more info


  1. met the owner at Roxys before, he seems like a good guy and Traffic Cone was considering working with him in the past since it`s the west end and not in competition with Pivo.
    We also have the same ethics at Pivo.
    If bands can get together, d.I.Y style and bring more than 50 through the door between them then they get full support/ advice from the pivo team, free venue hire, free sound engineer, free beer, free pizza and keep all the ticket money (should they want to charge at the door)
    So although I dont feel this is a groundbreaking idea it`s good to see some other venues following our lead and putting the artists before profit

    Mark , ,

  2. In the next few months I'm going to be doing a post about the ethical venues and promoters in Glasgow doing good deals Mark, and yourself and Pivo will be included.
    I'll also be bending your ear about a few shows that could be forthcoming.

  3. Thanks for posting this. We've had a brilliant response and there's some cracking shows in the pipeline for 2012. Of course it's not new, it's a sensible idea, set up to try and make sure everyone involved gets the best from their gig at The Roxy. I've been putting these type of gigs for years in different places, and with the refurb at The Roxy, we're able to charge a door fee.
    If that's how Pivo works well done, but we're not following anyones lead or trying to blaze a trail, just trying to make things fair for bands that want a good, hassle free gig experience.
    Onwards and upwards ;)

  4. All the best Dochan . I look forward to catching a few gigs in Roxys soon. Not been yet since the refurb


  5. Nice one!!!! About time too!!!!! And I like Pivo`s deal too!!!!

    I`m def gonna be dealing with both venues in future!!!!!

    It`s about time that the bands are allowed to make a few quid to cover their bus fares/petrol!!! And to pay (in part) for all of the expensive equipment/rehearsal times!!!!!!

    Well done you all!!!!

    Phoenix Promotions (Glasgow)