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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Coffins - Devil Spew

As a descriptive term garage punk is a rather loose one.
Everything from jangly paisley patterned mid western psych to the crash of The Clash have been attributed to coming from the garage.
Due to this increasingly wide understanding of what the term means it has become ludicrous to simply tag a band with the garage moniker and expect anyone to actually know what they sound like.
To call a group a garage band doesn't really convey anything specific any more.
So when I say that The Coffins are a band that have come from the garage what I really mean is that they crept out from under a tarpaulin wrapped corpse that was stuffed under a pile of mildewed girlie mags at the back of a garage that is now cordoned off as a crime scene.
There's dirt under these guys nails, some blood stains on the Cramps t-shirts they're wearing and a defiant fuck you attitude that could only come from being raised on the schizophrenic west coast of Scotland.
When they say 'bring me the head of a boy band member it's not so much a tongue in cheek reference to the state of the current landscape of the charts, but quite possibly just a flippant request for something to eat, because without a shadow of a doubt these guys do eat boy band members for breakfast and use them as fuel to power their darkly psychotic aural adventures.
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  1. I agree.
    amazing band, will deffo buy the album!!