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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Epic Problem – Epic Problem EP

This three track debut from these Mancunian no frills punk rockers certainly shakes the cobwebs away.
Gruff and to the point they may be, but unlike the many bands of their ilk who rise and fall with alarming regularity they know how to temper the aggression with enough melody to avoid the many pitfalls that bog down their peers.
There's a solid grounding in the sound of the second wave of the UK punk scene, but a more worldly spin that incorporates some ska influences and the attitudes of say the Californian bands like Operation Ivy who melded hardcore, ska and punk together to devastating effect.
They could have had the running order as Short, Sharp and Shock on this.
As debuts go its to the point and will certainly send a few shock waves out across the underground punk scene, and maybe even further afield.
It's going to be interesting to see if the guys can carry off a full length album and maintain the quality.
Everything across the three tracks here indicates that they can, so remember 'Epic Problem' and keep an eye out for them returning to the fray with more than an EP.

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