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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Templeton Pek - Slow Down For Nothing

As a band Templeton Pek are starting to cement a well deserved reputation for never resting on their laurels.
It's laudable that with each release they've managed to move that little bit forward into uncharted sonic territories while maintaining a connection with their punk roots.
This ability to expand on what they do while keeping their fan base happy is going to be the thing that ensures them a place in this game for the long haul.
If any evidence of their ongoing musical maturity is required then look no further than their latest release on People like you records 'Slow down for nothing'.
It's five tracks of solid intent.
It would seem that the tour supports with Rise Against and The Blackout - and being featured on festival bills across the globe - has seen them pay their dues and now they are giving all indications that they are ready to step up
This is the sound of a band flexing their muscles and making a grab for the headlining position.
If they can follow this with an album that's imbued with the same controlled aggression then give it a year and they will have the melodic hardcore loving kids baying their name at the moon.

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