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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Girobabies - Bus Stop Apocalypse

No budget, no label, no management, no rules.
This is The Girobabies.
This generations last gang in town.
They're holding up a mirror to society and what is reflected back is a dystopian nightmare bolstered by a soundtrack that's hypnotically seductive.
The lyrics are the solid fist and the music the velvet glove that envelopes it.
With Bus Stop Apocalypse they have created an unflinching, unblinking challenge to the UK to wake up, to tear the blindfold off and react.
React to the drab fuckin' boring violence.
React to the drugs,
React to the apathy,
React to the coalition.
React to the lack of imagination.
React to the sleep walkers.
React to preconceived ideas and attitudes.
It screams at you to feel something and to think independently from what the media is feeding you.
Trip hop to hip hop, funk to punk, beats and acoustic guitars versus ambient noise.
It's all here.
All crowding each other out, pushing for space with sharp elbows and attitude.
At times it makes for uncomfortable listening, but the truth is always more difficult to accept than a lie that encourages passive acceptance of the status quo.
This is a manifesto for the disenfranchised to dance to and right at this moment it is exactly what we need to hear.
Vive le revolution. Vive le Girobabies.

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