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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Warrior Soul tour

Crossing the Rubicon takes courage.
On one bank is the familiar, and on the other a future that is unwritten.
To take the step across the divide is to commit to the unknown.
It's the great leap into the dark, and also the point that Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) has been reaching for his whole life.
So it is apt that the forthcoming Warrior Soul album has been named after the river where Julius Caesar committed himself and his legionnaires in 49BC.
For it is there, figuratively, that Warrior Soul stand contemplating a glorious past, and fearlessly look forward to what will be their future.
To celebrate this moment they are very proud to announce that they are about to embark on a very special tour for their fans.
A tour that will serve as an introduction to the future, and will also pay homage to the past by resurrecting much loved Warrior Soul songs alongside rarities that have never been played live before.
The cliché 'not to be missed' was coined just for a tour like this.
Starting in Ireland the band are promising that they are going to deliver a show that will go down in the annals of rock and roll history as the benchmark of debauchery that all who follow will aim to emulate.
When the celtic hospitality of the emerald isle is exhausted the bands plan of attack will see them set sail and storm the shores of England before travelling north to conquer Scotland.
Dates for mainland Europe are also in the pipeline.
This isn't a press release.
It's a warning.

Joining Warrior Soul on tour will be the much lauded Cheer Leader from Stockholm, and for London the hotly anticipated King Lizard.
Further supports to be announced specific to dates on tour.

Link to dates.


  1. I hope they add a date in my town, otherwise it's a 5 hour round trip to Edinburgh....worth it tho.

  2. Crap blog. Nothing and then two press releases.
    Anybody can cut and paste prick.

  3. Thank you for your ongoing support.
    It's greatly appreciated.
    Just for clarification purposes I should add that yes the Ginger update is in fact a straight lift.
    I never claimed otherwise.
    As a fan I was simply trying to spread the word about his pledge/triple album deal.
    The Warrior Soul update (above) was actually written by me. You wont see my name on it if you stumble across it on the WS facebook tour page or the WS hub, but why would I say it was me if I could be proved wrong and look a twat in the process?

  4. I'm Kory Clarke/Warrior Soul's PR manager and I can vouch for that. Mainy writes our press releases and has been closely involved with the band for a number of years now. He's a highly valued member of our press team and a top bloke who cares passionately about the music scene. Unlike many chancers who use their tenuous links to the band to get a foot in the door, Mainy is modest about his involvement and is genuinally altruistic. At the last show he wouldn't even take some merch as a token thank you for his help and insisted on paying for 2 shirts and 3 vinyl albums he bought at full price as he cares so much about supporting the artists.

  5. Thanks Jayne.
    I was in two minds about upping your comment as I genuinely prefer waffling away in the background, but at the same time I do dislike people thinking that I'm a bullshitting chancer.
    There are a number of live and album reviews on the blog that I have recieved as a freebie or been on the guest list for, but the number that I have bought and the live gigs I've paid for outnumber them greatly.
    I don't push myself like others do, and some say that's a mistake, but Kel and myself are fierce supporters of live music and the musicians who make it.
    We don't hang onto the coat tails of the successful either.
    Theres plenty of evidence on the blog to show that local talent get the same attention as those with recdord deals touring the world.
    Some people get the love for it all, other don't.

  6. Your talents as a writer are well known and appreciated by those who matter, and those who don't (appreciate) well... who cares what they think anyway. D

  7. Thank you.
    I don't consider myself talented, maybe it's a west coast of Scotland thing as friends and myself have discussed. It is rare to hear anyone blow their own trumpet unless it's as a joke, but it is nice to be appreciated.

  8. Aye perhaps it is (WC of S thing) but talent is talent. Your writing is intelligent, adroit and artistic (as an ex-journalist I should know)and a breath a fresh air in an era when most don't seem to be even able to spell. Your inept and obtuse "admirer" obviously feels threatened and to be honest, is just an irritant whilst the reader enjoys your write-ups. D

  9. I don't really know how to respond.
    I'll just slip away for a we while wearing a beamer.

  10. You know I speak the truth Mainy. D