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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Eddie Spaghetti - Captains Rest - Glasgow (5/8/11)

Eddie Spaghetti is back on the road and has just rolled into Glasgow. Yeeeehaaaaa!!!!
This time he's without his Supersucker brothers in arms, but hey ho, one quarter of the self confessed greatest rock and roll band in the world is still better than most whole bands.......and you can take that to the bank buddy.
So what's the difference between a Supersuckers show and an Eddie Spaghetti gig?
Well the answer is intimacy.
He's right there larger than life, still the punk outlaw, still the front-man, but there's no set list.
Instead he's taking requests, there's more country than rock, and the atmosphere is one of camaraderie that feels pretty good.
There's something about what Eddie does that is ghostly familiar to Glaswegians, and that's probably why we've taken him, and his missing Supersuckers, to our hearts.
What it is, is the country twang.
Some may be surprised at that, but for some strange reason country music is very popular here in Scotland, and especially in Glasgow.
Hell. We even have our own 'Grand Ol' Opry'.
I'd say that it's down to most of us being raised on it.
I doubt there are many people who didn't grow up in a home that didn't have at least one Johnny Cash or Hank Williams album in it.
So when we hear Eddie what we really hear is out past calling to us, but with a bit more punk attitude to it.
It certainly hits the spot.
The punk attitude is right to the fore when he plays Ice Cubes 'Dead Homies', The Dwarves 'Everybody's Girl', The Lee Harvey Oswald Bands 'Jesus Never Lived On Mars' (written by Rick Sims - Didjits/Supersucker) and the Cash classic 'Cocaine Blues.
With his Cha, Cha, Cha, refrain that ends every song the crowd roar there approval, happily wallowing in the Pavlovian call and response play.
The songs from his latest solo album 'Sundowner' (mainly a covers affair) sit well within the loose framework of the set and the classic Supersuckers songs like Born with a Tail, Killer Weed (with it's story about Willie Nelson) and Pretty Fucked Up balance it all out to perfection.
As usual the only downside to a night like this one is that it goes past far too fast.
Good company, good music and good times always play havoc with my perception of time.
It feel like it was all over in the blink of an eye, but here's to the next blink, and I hope it's as good as a night in the company of Eddie Spaghetti.

Mucho love and appreciation to CJ who unfortunately couldn't attend the gig and supplied Kel and me with the tickets.

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