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Thursday, 4 August 2011

NOFX – Hardcore.

As a homage goes this is fine, but without the humour that NOFX throw at virtually everything they do I'm struggling to see what the point to this release is.
Maybe they want to stretch some muscle and give the pop punk tag a bit of a kicking, but fans of the band have always known that they could effortlessly match their hardcore peers in the speed and ferocity department so proving something we all knew seems......well pointless.
So pointless is this that Fat Mike isn't even bringing anything new to the material.
Maybe I just don't get it and there's some irony involved.
If so I didn't need to duck for it to go over my head.
Bottom line is that if I wanted to listen to Agnostic Front, Necros, Urban Waste etc then I would.
NOFX playing their music just isn't doing anything to hold my interest.

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