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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Captain America (2011) Iron Man 2/Thor

Went to see the next instalment of the prequels to next years Avengers movie today.
Or Captain America to those who are unaware that the Iron Man and Thor movies were the previous links in the chain.
Not bad at all, even if I do say so myself.
It was refreshingly free of the 'jingoistic flag waving, we are the saviours of all mankind' sort of thing that most US action blockbusters are full of, and the tongue in cheek take on propaganda was rather welcome to.
I can't comment on Thor as I haven't seen it, but of the comic book to silver screen adaptations this is yet another that has pushed itself into the adult market.
Well paced, plenty of action and open ended to allow a natural progression for the threads of The Avengers to be pulled together.
I guess this is what the last instalment of Indiana Jones should have been. A movie with an all action hero that can appeal to a large audience.
It's difficult to really get into this without letting loose spoilers. So all I'll say is that with a few little changes to allow some continuity I reckon the fan boys will love it, and as a stand alone movie it manages to tick all the boxes for anyone looking for an action filled movie that also has that elusive thing called a plot.
Yeah. I know. Crap review, but seriously I don't want to ruin it for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Captain America tale.
Go and see it and enjoy.
I'm pretty sure there will be a better review on the excellent Scheme 9 if you want something more indepth. A link to it is on the right and down a bit.

Update: Just watched Iron Man 2
Couple of pedantic points raised.
What was Captains Americas shield doing being used when we see its reappearance in the Captain America film. What's the continuity time line supposed to be?
Iron Man, Captains America, Iron Man 2 and then Thor (see clip after credits of IM2).
Also I didn't see the need for Tony Stark to be in Captain America instead of Howard Stark, and the scenes in Iron Man 2 show that to be an error/lapse of judgement.

and another update: Hot on the heels of Iron Man 2 I decided to play catch up and watch Thor.
Another goody. Another link in what is increasingly becoming a rather impressive chain leading to the Avengers movie. As introductions to the characters I'm not going to complain about slight niggles. I'll leave that to the hardcore fanboys who want the comic strip to leap from the page unaltered.
Something I would have liked to have seen was a bit more of Hawkeye, rather than the blink and you'd miss him scene he had, and something with the Hulk to, as his appearance isn't a continuation of the Ed Norton outing.


  1. Bugger and there was me thinking that The Avengers was gonna be a Steed/Peel product.

  2. After the last one I doubt Hollywood would touch Steed and Peel with a barge pole.