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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Roscoe Vacant & the Gantin' Screichs – Reckurdt

I had high expectations for this, and I even braced myself for the disappointment that usually comes from setting the bar too high, but it's as if Roscoe Vacant has looked at the vanishing point on the horizon of his career and then leap frogged straight to it.
The benchmark that I set is in his rear view mirror and it has to be said it's quickly disappearing from sight as along with the Gantin' Screichs Roscoe hits mach speed and outstrips the expectations that anyone held.
There is one problem with it though, and that's that it is pretty much indescribable.
Some would say it has an eclectic heart, others would allude to its schizophrenic nature, but like a Jackson Pollock painting it may seem too layered to make much sense when concentrated on too much.
Yet similarly as a whole it works, take a step back and it works on a level that I really wasn't expecting.
There's a primal urge to it all.
Intelligent design with teeth.
The man thing that impresses is that it screams that it's a continuation of the ripping up of the sanitized musical rule book that punk set in motion and very few people picked up on.
Roscoe has accepted that the only rules that matter are the ones you use to define yourself, and they aren't static, but fluidly malleable.
Regardless of commercial success this has all the hallmarks of a classic album, and I'm unashamed to say that.
Pick a great album. Anyone as long as it is universally praised as such and 'Reckurdt' could sit comfortably next to it and hold its own.
I have no doubt of this.
From the first note to the last influences can be heard, but they never manage to push themselves to the fore and distract from the sound that the band have created.
Others can fight over terms that they think could best describe the music that has created.
I'll simply say that no one has managed to meld the traditional with their own vision quite like this before.
I want someone, anyone, to draw my attention to this in a years time and slyly ask if the hyperbolic excitement was justified just so that I can say that I haven't altered my opinion at all.
I genuinely don't hold out much hope of anyone else bringing anything to the table this year that will match 'Reckurdt' for its original passion and its brutally joyous effervescence.

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