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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chill out fuckers.

Over the years I've been accused of being virtually every single slang term for a penis and vagina that you could care to consider.
People don't just limit themselves to sexual organs though.
Any word that you could think of that would be considered offensive has been used as a descriptive term for me.
I'm fair game for it as it goes with the territory.
It's always open season on anyone who reviews music.
In fact it seems that it is always open season on anyone who dares express an opinion about virtually anything.
We seem to live in an era where it is acceptable to tell people to shut the fuck up simply because the opinion they hold doesn't mirror our own.
Personally I carry this sort of abuse on broad shoulders that are covered with a thick skin because if anyone wants to put themselves out there stating an opinion then they have to accept that they aren't going to please all of the people all of the time.
There is one problem with this though, and that is the disproportionate response that is often spewed forth.
I can say that a bands performance lacked passion and that equates to the allegation that I'm a cuntish failed musician with a chip on my shoulder.
Someone who would be worthy of listening to if I could only string a sentence or two together, but I can't.
Or if I dare say that 'in my opinion' an artist or band were shite, then more often than not the knee jerk reaction from the band, or their fan(s), is that I should have my pathetic life extinguished with extreme prejudice.
Unsurprisingly I never hear a complaint if I heap praise on a band.
It doesn't matter if I only heard one song or half a song if it is a positive comment made, it's only ever an issue if it's a negative one.
No matter how constructively I coach the negative view in it is always welcomed in a manner similar to that of being told that I've just slaughtered every single human being the person has held close to their heart, and then came back to butt fuck their pets.
I'm sure you can imagine the comments I get when I take the gloves off, cast diplomacy to the side, and say what I really think about a band
I wonder what all this actually says about the people who can't handle a less than positive comment about themselves, or the band they idolize.
(Usually a mates band who they would admit were not destined for stardom if there wasn't a personal connection)
Over the years it would seem that I have also been responsible for at least four bands splitting up due to writing a less than enthusiastic review of their performances.
In each case I'd maybe like to take a degree of responsibility and say that I've done everyone with ears a favour, but in all honesty if a band splits up because I've said that I don't think they are any good then I doubt they had a long and glittering career in entertainment ahead of them anyway.
In fact my comment on them will probably have been used as an excuse as no one ever issues a statement saying they have split up because they are unimaginative and talentless.
Far easier to claim that they are unappreciated and use my review as proof.
The thing is that I genuinely don't have an issue with anyone tearing to shreds how I write.
Criticise away.
I also don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me either.
I've lost count of the times I've told people that they are entitled to their opinion while they casually ignore the blatant and continue to accuse me of saying things that are hidden between the lines that only they are aware of.
I'm not the font of all knowledge and no matter how many times anyone accuses me of saying that I am they will never find one utterance where I actually state that.
So I guess what I'm trying to say here is that some people need to reel their fuckin' heads in and get a grip.
If they don't like the comments I make then logically and passionately tear them to shreds.
Even have a laugh and inject some humour into slagging me off.
Feel free to wire in, but curb the internet warrior shite. It's getting old.


  1. A band have a shocker, you slaughter them, end of story. Give it out, take it back, that's the game. There's no need to follow it up with a justification, no need at all.

  2. This isn't a case of giving it out and not being able to take it back.
    I take it back every week.
    This is about the anger people express because others don't mirror their views.
    It's also about the disproportionate reactions displayed.
    Even how some will hold an attitude about bands that are fundamentalist in nature.
    It's also about how people respond about what they think someone has said rather than what IS said.
    So taking that into consideration I think that the opinions expressed were worth voicing.

  3. That first comment is a typo. It is supposed to say
    "My band played a shocker, you told everyone, so we told everybody we know that you're a wanker and should be assaulted on sight, end of story.
    Give it out and we will say what we want in response, that's the game. There's no need to follow it up by commenting on how most bands can't handle criticism, no need at all"


  4. Maybe aye, maybe no, Andrew.
    The OP might just feel that the subject matter is too obvious to make a blog on.
    If he or she does then that's fine.
    If they are a digruntled band member then that's also fine as they have just showed that even without the venom that they don't think I should express my views.
    The post could be taken in a few ways.

  5. FFS Mainy. The blog post is as clear as glass.
    You don't mind criticism, but think that some people go too far with the personal threats and they should chill out a bit.
    What's wrong with drawing attention to it?

  6. Gotta agree, if ya can't handle the heat, get a job in a bank, not a band!!!! Don't cry when you underperform, it makes you look an even bigger prick than you did on stage/in the studio!

  7. Who's been having a go Mainy? or have you just reached a tolerance level?? D

  8. You still getting hassle from fucked off Voodoo Six fans Mainey?

  9. Every month people have a go. Usually anonymously.
    As I keep saying, I've got thick skin and broad shoulders and I'm happy to take criticism, but abuse and threats are bollocks. I wouldn't even mind the abuse if there was a but of humour tossed in, but there rarely is.
    Most go to the blogs email address.
    I've had everything from name calling to physical threats and the occassional fanny saying that I'm a dead man walking.
    It gets old after a while. Hence the post.
    All I was trying to do here was highlight how some people seem to think that they hold the right to say what they want, but can't wrap their head around extending that to others.

  10. Nah. No hassle from the Voodoo 6 fans. That tailed off. Although some of the anonymous ones could be anybody popping in to have a go every once in a while.

  11. If it's any consolation you're not alone, your "..sole purpose in life.." finger says it all (stole it for my page!), it's a form of bullying and does my head in. It's hard to follow the 'rise above it' sentiment too, any higher my face will be flatten on the damn ceiling!. D