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Monday, 8 August 2011

Nekromantix - What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell.

It feels like a couple of lifetimes have spun by since the last Nekromantix album came out, but the time spent between then and now certainly hasn't been wasted as 'What Happens In Hell' is possibly the most relentlessly pounding, and catchy, album that they've released to date.
It seems that by Kim Nekroman maintaining his vision for the band - while simultaneously offering a big middle fingered salute to both the mainstream and the sub genre addicted darlings - he's found himself fronting a band who are in the enviable position of being able to hang onto a great deal of credibility, and still meet the needs of the fans new and old.
A bit like Motorhead in that respect.
In short they've created a niche of their own, and that's something that is probably a great deal harder to do than we could imagine.
The whole album itself is driven by a pounding rhythm that's pretty much machine like in its intensity. Although that's not to downplay that guitar work that weaves in and out of the beat adding a great deal of aural shading.
All in, this is an album that could be filed away as all killer and no filler.
An album that will always have a foot in the psychobilly camp, but one that has also straddled so many others genres with aplomb, from punk rock to metal, that 'What Happens In Hell' will surely find a home within the collections of a broad demographic of music lovers.
An outstanding addition to an already strong canon of work from Nekromantix.

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