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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Blog updates have been sporadic as anyone who regularly logs in will know.
I am sure that there has been points when some have thought that I had dropped off of the face of the planet, but just as they were about to send out a search party - or villagers with flaming torches as they are more commonly known - a single solitary update would appear reassuring some that I am indeed still in the land of the living.
The lack of content is purely down to how busy I have been.
Not a day goes past that my dance card isn't filled to capacity.
Apart from the blog itself being sidelined, sleep and eating sensibly have also taken a partial back seat.
So it is time for me to sit back and think about priorities, and how I can balance my life out in general.

I don't wish to let the blog slide into the past.
So that is staying.
I don't actually find it a hassle to do, and in some ways I find it to be a pleasant distraction from the hurly burly of life.
I just need to carve out time for me to write updates and throw them out there.

I want you all to keep me to my word on that.
Hassle me.
Ask what's happening, request interviews and reviews so that I need to make time to address the requests, as instead of that piling on more work for me it is ensuring I take time out from it and devote some energy into relaxing through doing what I love.

Yep, the picture is of me and the absolute legend that is JoJo.

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