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Thursday, 19 September 2013

adullboy demo

Acoustic indie pop acts are ten a penny. Drop into any bar across the country and you will be met by a young man or woman strumming away in the corner and offering you their heartfelt lyrics. Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of artists who are looking to find a niche in this scene it is often difficult for them to have their voices heard. Four acts a night and seven days a week in virtually every bar in every city and town across the UK. Think about it. Think of all the singer/songwriters standing together in a line. You would have to be stupid, brave, or ignorant of the size of the competition to even consider dipping your toe into the acoustic pool. So where does adullboy fit into this? Well he's neither stupid or ignorant so armed with his three track demo I'm going to say he's bravely wading into the deep end and hoping that he will float to the top. He may well achieve that to. With his songs he's tentatively exploring the social commentary style of the punk poets, but keeping it all within the framework of the indie troubadour, and it's this partial shading that is allowing him to embrace a sound, that while familiar, has a bit more of an edge to it than the material that many of his peers are releasing. I wouldn't be surprised if these demo recordings were in hindsight considered as unpolished gems when an album proper is released.

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