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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Roscoe Vacant - No Attack/No Decay

There is a time in every artists life when they stand still for a moment and take stock of where they are.
For some they can look on their past endeavours and comfortably embrace them.
They come to the conclusion that the path they are on fits and there's no need to alter the course they mapped out.
Then there are those who cast an eye over the material that they have produced and decide that was then and this is now.
If that is what they settle on, then from that moment on multiple artistic options will open up.

The latter is where it seems to be that Roscoe Vacant is at, but what can be done with the songs that are now partially in the rear view mirror?
Well with No Attack/No Decay he has simply revisited them and polished off the songs to provide a watershed moment in his career.
A springboard that he can leap into the future from.

On one hand it neatly represents the past as a sort of closing chapter on that part of his career, but for those unfamiliar with his material it simultaneously can be taken as the first chapter as he strikes out for pastures new.
It's akin to how a major record label will sign an act up who have already released multiple recording independently, and then prior to their major debut they release a taster of the best of the past.
So what we have is a release that screams the king is dead, long live the king.

Who knows what the future will hold for this often angry folk punk troubadour, but if No Attack/No Decay is a rejuvenated opening salvo then I'm happy to climb on board and join him on the journey.

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