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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Steve Heron – Lets pretend that we are friends

It's the proverbially old chestnut of a game of two halves with the latest release from Edinburgh based musician Steve Heron.
With the lead track he's dancing ecstatically all over the break up song.
It's as if he is smiling as he is saying that it's okay to fuck up, and there can still be something salvaged, even if it starts off as a pretence, and while it's all out there as lightweight pop music he's actually right, and that attitude of slipping in something with a bit more depth, even if it comes with a cheeky wink, is definitely separating him from his peers.
If we did a single of the week it would be bestowed on Steve for this.
Meanwhile on 'I swear blind' he opens the door to reveal that he is happy to wear his heart on his sleeve, and simultaneously show that he is a multi faceted artist with more to offer than some may have thought.
Between the two songs they hopefully provide a taster for a forthcoming album that will attract plaudits
I sincerely hope that when he got the master tapes back for these he ran around the room punching the air as he knew he had nailed it.
'There's nothing good out their anymore' said the kid with the floppy fringe.
'Shut it, and go and listen to Steve Heron' said I sporting no floppy fringe.

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