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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Les Jupes – Modern Myths

Winnipeg sits in the periphery of the music lovers vision.
Mention it and some may scratch their heads and offer Bachman-Turner Overdrive up, or maybe even Crash Test Dummies, as bands that they, correctly, think come from Winnipeg.
At a push The Weakerthans may get a mention, depending on what sort of circles you move in, but as the sum of their knowledge of bands that have come from there hovers around three at a push it falls far short of covering the talent that the area has to offer in the present.
It was BOATS who were originally the band that grabbed my attention and blew me away when they last toured the UK.
Their 'A fairway full of miners' album was my gateway introduction to what was going on over there, and now here I am feeling the same sense of excitement as I listen to the 2011 debut from Les Jupes.
It's grandiose, but intimate, masculine in how the music is delivered, but equally there's a sensitivity to it that acts as a counter balance.
It's a word that keeps coming back to me.
Something that I am continually searching for and it is this that is found on Modern Myths.
A lovely balance.
For every sonic yin there's a yang.
Every shout has a whisper, every crash of a cymbal has a brush of a keyboard to accompany it.
I'm beguiled by it all.
In recent years the mainstream press has steered the ship away from reviewers saying how music makes them feel, and every day I am thankful that I am not part of that machine and I can hand on heart claim to be beguiled.
That I can comfortably say that I have fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with a band, a piece of music, or whatever else takes my fancy, and here right now, right in this very precise moment in time, I am in love with Modern Myth.

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