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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chris Wilson – It's Flamin' Groovy!

It's not been a bad year for Chris Wilson of The Flamin Groovies.
It's creeping up on the band being together for fifty years, and instead of considering being put out to some surreal rock and roll pasture for retired proto punks, he has instead managed to fit in a tour of sold out dates, opened for Springsteen, and even slipped in a solo album that is on par with anything 'the groovies' have done.
If he has a bucket list at hand I doubt there's much left for him to score off.
On 'It's Flamin' Groovy!' he starts off strong by immediately picking up the gauntlet and reassuring fans that there's still plenty in the tank to power this engine.
The intervening years since the last studio outing from Chris effortlessly slip away as one power pop classic eases into a stonesy country rocker and then back again.
It's very easy to realize why he has drawn the legendary tag to himself in certain circles as when you listen to this release it becomes very apparent there's not one song could be considered the black sheep of the flock.
The twelve tracks simply ooze class.
(Twenty Stone Blatt Records)


  1. Very nearly. 2015 is the anniversary of the FG.
    Coincidentally I am just downloading your album just now.