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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Sunday round up.

Just some things that I have been thinking about.

So in aid of charity people are giving up drinking alcohol for a month.
Now while I support people making an effort to raise awareness and funds, and I did in fact donate, but there's a bit of me that is asking if this particular effort is a good move.
Lets say just 5% of the population stop drinking for a whole month.
That's got a good spin to it hasn't it?
There's health benefits to stopping drinking and the person participating can save some cash while actually making some from sponsorship for a charity.
It's a win-win situation, but is it?

It means alcohol sales drop by 5%*, kebab sales drop, taxi drivers incomes drop and everything else that comes with a night out on the tiles that includes having a drink is impacted on.
While some businesses can absorb that very easily there will be those who are clinging on, and that months decline in income could terminally finish them off.
So is this really worth one person losing their job over?
Some would say it is, but surely not if there's an alternative.
I'm not saying people should stop supporting charities, but instead think about how they do it.
Lets not fuck up one persons life attempting to save another.
In fact here's an idea.
For every drink bought slip 20p in a collection tin.
Is that not a better idea?
Something else to think about.
What do we want our taxes going on.
Pay rises for politicians or to cancer support and research.?
* I only said 5% as an example. I have no idea how many people are giving up a drink or the impact in reality.

And keeping to the subject of where our taxes go.

This week the Government has described the neglect of the elderly in this country as something that we should all be deeply ashamed of.
They highlight just how lonely so many of the elderly are, and are looking to shame us all into upping our game.
Of course the elderly deserve our attention, support and respect.
That's not really worth arguing about is it?
I'm just wondering when they will lead by example.
Instead of admonishing everyone, and looking for us all to provide support at no cost to them, it would maybe be heartening to see them protect pensions, and look to create community schemes that assist the elderly while providing them with the much needed contact with the outside world that they deserve.
Possibly they could look to remove the fear of being unable to secure medical attention from the elderly.
Now here's one.
Could they maybe look to ensure that the figures of the elderly freezing to death over the winter months is addressed.
Maybe find some time to discuss the reality of fuel poverty.
There very obvious emotive manipulation is a slap on the face for every single carer out there who gives up their time to help the elderly.

Once the government starts matching the efforts of those people I may start taking them more seriously.
As it is they are still useless bar stewards clinging onto the idea that you can fool all of the people all of the time if you have a good pr team behind you.

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